Horses & Your Best You

The Green Pastures of Capay Valley


Daystar Horses  invites you to discover

Horse Encounters for Relationship Enrichment

Horse Encounters for Relationship Enrichment or HERE

        Experiential education is unique to each person, so we cannot tell you what you will learn.

Sample one session  or sign up for the three “gateway” sessions that allow you into the rest  of the sessions.

Skills gained effect many areas of our lives with greater awareness and empowerment.

In horse encounters, you find yourself in authentic relationship with the horses

this is NOT riding lessons, but better.

  • AUTHENTICITY WORKSHOPS  (4 sets of 12 ea)

A set of twelve sessions that leads to greater skills  in this, and other life arenas

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If you want to ride, and are considering owning a horse when you have more knowledge,

we have designed a great way to start with the most value and  least risk.

Basic Horse-Woman-Ship 

Begins with our Gateway sessions to build

respectful relationship skills  from  Day One

Sample the first one and schedule the rest of this set  that leads you to sharing ownership of the right horse for yo



Open that gate to your future

with our Gateway Sessions



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