Begin with the Foundation of your relationship— Basic Horse-woman-ship

If you were learning to fly, you would start with ground school and then
 begin to take some lessons  where you fly with an instructor 
until you can fly solo safely.  
This is what you will get from the Basic Horse Woman Ship lessons.
  • And when you are able to “solo” you can safely interact with your horse in an arena.
  • And also ready to learn more, that will include going out of the arena, when signed off by your instructor
  • and onto the trails on your own co-owned horse.
    • ( As a student pilot, this would be like going “cross-country” with your instructor in preparation for your solo cross country flights.)

Our basic lessons are all within the arena

    **  Why, you ask? —   Or do you?       —    With horses, going  down the trail, on a horse that has been trained to follow your lead  (rather than ignore you as good rental horses do)  opens a new world of opportunity to both horse and riders. Horses are each unique in how they react or respond when away from the security of their herd or arena. Because many beginners are unprepared for this, very few insurance companies will cover trail rides,  or charge so much that most of the rental stables went out of business. Our goal is to make trail riding a safe option so we begin with the arena training.  Like a student pilot, going on a solo cross country,  you need  have the skills  for the activity. Your instructor will prepare you and sign you off as you learn. AND the horse you ride must be you own horse, so you will buy a 20% share to become a co owner, before you venture out.


Why Horse Woman-Ship ? Because, women have a talent for relationships, it is part of who they are and how the feminine brain works. Now, after decades of learning from the Master HorseMen, and still being women, today is the day to honor the difference.

Are you up for it?  – –   We believe that the men who learn this will be especially successful with women, even more than the wonderful, patient and skilled horse-men the women are still learning from.

Where to start?— Register and enjoy the 3 Gateway sessions as a pre requisite to the ten basic Horse womanship sessions. In these ten sessions, you will get to know our horses and will be prepared to select the horse that fits where you are now. During this time, you are free to try out different horses and will meet the professional instructors we contract with to pursue your area of interest. After the ten sessions, you will be ready to buy a share of the horse you select. As a part owner, you will be responsible for a part of the expenses of ownership (that will be a very comprehensive set) and  very easy to afford. Your horse and you will then take lessons on the day you schedule each week, and on that day you will have the exclusive access to your horse.

Where will it end? — Your commitment to ownership is for a minimum of 2 months and can be easily extended for 2 more months. Or your share can sold back to Daystar Horses. Each month month you own the horse, your expenses will decrease, or your use can increase, or you can transfer your share to another horse, or even to another person. You can also lock in first right to buy all the shares and take your horse home with you!  This plan will never bail out on any horse, as every horse will be building in their own retirement funds and health care needs. Our horses never need to face uncertain futures. Just as people deserve desirable retirement lives, our horses are earning theirs. At the same time, our humans can “try out” horse ownership, and gain knowledge and skills to build on as lifelong learners without committing  to owning a horse or horses for longer than you may want to.   Win—win—and WIN  for all.

  You can have a horse of your own this summer!   Check our Calendar and Register now

  1. Step One  Register for Gateways and come into the arena
  2. Step Two   Sign up for and enjoy your next ten sessions of Horse Woman-ship
  3. Step Three  Having selected your horse, buy a share and become a co-owner
  4. Step Four  Schedule your sessions customized for you, once a week with your own horse
  5. Step Five  Make some amazing new friends who share this path with you.

Graduates will be invited to join the Co Owners Club, where advanced lessons in your area of interest on your horse

will be available, fun and so very affordable!

Come into the arena, join the herd and create new skills that will  enrich all your relationships !


Co Owners Club —– offered exclusively to

graduates of the Basic Horse-Woman-Ship training.

A new way of owning a horse, available only at Daystar Horses

(we plan to share with the world by 2018)

Sign up NOW


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