Calendar for Horse Encounters

Horse Encounters for Relationship Enrichment

Fridays In March will Begin on  March 23 2018
with the First Gateway Session and advancing each Friday
for the second and third Gateways then another Session One




                       Spring  schedule 2018   March to June

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 3  pm followed by  BBQ dinner at 6 pm

  1.  Gateway One on March 23  or April 13  or May 4 or May 25 or June 15
  2.  Gateway Two on March 30  or April 2o or May 11  or June 1 or June 22
  3. Gateway Three one April 6 or 27  or May 18 or June 8 or 29

Every  week   on -Saturday Mornings   Starting  on March 24  will offer

  •  Session One at 10 am
  • Followed by a picnic lunch at 1
  • and Gateway Two  at 2 pm

Sunday  Mornings Every Week will be Gateway Three at 10 am

Sunday Afternoons Every Week will also offer Gateway One  Starting March 25 at 2 pm






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