Horse Encounters


“Connect and Engage”     —   Authenticity Workshop

  To improve our ability  to connect

  •     within ourselves,
  •     with the horses  and
  •    between each other.

Before we Engage in a give and take activity.

You can register now for these sessions, three at a time as each section has a set of goals and builds upon the previous set

Start with the Three  Gateway sessions —  the first three of the set of 12

Working with a smaller group, and part of the herd we build in safety so that participants can be part of the larger groups using all the horses in the last nine sessions.

The Gateways are the entry to Connect and Engage which is the entry to any other workshop.

The first Workshop is the foundation for the others, as all relationships begin with

building the connection and seeing the readiness for engagement with any and all others.

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