Authenticity Workshops

“The Authenticity Workshops”.
Four sets  of 12 sessions 

We hear it a lot, the value of being “Authentic” and in a world where we can be trying hard to be what we are pushed to be, want to be or “should” be, we may lose who we really are, or may never have known our true selves. Each of us is important, in our unique ways as in our ability to work together. When we find our most genuine self, we are best able to become and fulfill our potentials.

Using Horses to Help us  and inspired by the years of working with students, families, youth, and mental and emotional wellness; we are developing Four sets of Workshops.

We are now offering our first one;

Connect and Engage is the foundation for all our workshops and begins with the first three we call Gateways, as they are limited to smaller groups where safety is learned.

“Connect and Engage”  that is most effective with a group of peers; Adults, Youth or Children.

The first one is Connect and Engage — that  provides the basic skills of relationship and is now open for registration by  individuals or groups. The first three sessions prepare us to be safe in the larger herd so, we offer them to smaller groups and call them our “Gateways”.  The next 9 sessions complete Connect and Engage

This Fall we will be developing the Partnering Workshop as we present Connect and Engage to groups of Singles. This will become the basis for the Partnering Workshops in the spring of 2018. By Summer we hope to have the session that facilitates parenting, for families to come to with children aged 6 or more. The Fourth Authenticity Workshop will be specific to Recovery and could also be called the Spirituality Workshop. Come join us and be part of developing the rest of this curriculum.

It all starts with the Three Gateway sessions

You can learn more or register  now for  a “gateway” session either as  an individual as a group of 3 to 10.


Future Authenticity Workshops – –

  • Partnering is registering now for Spring 2018
  • Parenting for Summer 2018 and
  • Recovery for Fall 2018.

Training of facilitators is available to all graduates of our programs who have academic and professional qualifications to serve as coaches, counselors or therapists.

Collaborations with other professionals are welcome  

Contact us to help us make every one even better than we are now.