About Daystar Horses

Daystar Horses is the “home site”  for Day Star Ranch Inc a California 501c3 non profit. Daystar Ranch was founded in 2001 and offered experiential education using horses to enhance learning about our own selves. In 2017 Daystar Ranch broadened its mission statement to building capacity for cooperative action. And recognized that horses is one way to serve that mission, which is still done by Daystar Horses. Other projects that serve our mission are in the works and will be promoted through both their own websites, and the Daystar Ranch website.

 Daystar Horses is the physical home of Daystar Ranch and  uses horses to promote healthy strong relationships, at the heart of all cooperative actions.

Our services for 2018 are;

  • Horse Encounters
    • Introductory sessions to all our other offerings
  • Horse Womanship training
    • Presenting the wisdom of the master horsemen from a woman’s perspective
    •  Based upon understanding the language horses use as a lead in to a cooperative way of owning horses;
    • Co Owners Club
  • Developing  our unique  Authenticiy Workshops 
    • Each workshop is a set of 12 two to three hour sessions specific to a goal
      • 2018  Conscious Connection
      • Fall 2018  Partnering  – sessions for couples and peers
      • Spring 2019  Parenting– sessions for respectful but not equal relationships
      • Fall  2019  Recovery– dealing with trauma from life experiences,  universally spiritual focus
      • Spring 2020  — Collaborating with others to apply our curriculums
      • Fall 2020 — Unity in Diversity—cross cultural connections
  • Also Available are Twelve Horse Powered Virtues—Fun and inspiring for kids of all ages up to 90!