About Us

              DayStar Horses is the development site that serves the mission of Day Star Ranch Inc. a California non profit that promotes well being by facilitating experiential education. At Daystar Horses, this experiential learning uses horses as one powerful and fun way to do this. As the ‘development site’ our staff works towards pioneering the way forward for other sites to join us and use music, drama, sports and other interests that increase the knowledge and health of communities.

Working to bring about a vision of using horses to teach human relationship skills, our team has been able to share inspiration, develop the places where horses can thrive, and bring people of all ages to a day of connecting.

Lifelong learning includes all of us being both teachers and students, and striving to be attentive and receptive as well as being patient and creative in working to communicate and build cohesion. In response to the guidance found in the teachings of Baha’u’llah and encouraged by the global Baha’i community to place a high priority on service to mankind, they have been patiently pursuing this vision.



Over the last 20 years some programs have been created and  found to be effective with individuals and groups who came to the ranch. We  have created a herd of horses, bred and raised for the purpose of helping people to understand what is sometimes hard to see in the complexity of human interactions, but clearer with the horses.


The horses love this work, and enjoy being with people. A few have arrived by “rescue” and have shown ability to trust and be trustworthy, but the majority of the herd were born for this and have not had to recover from unknown traumas.

The stories of these horses will soon become ever more available on the Horse Tales section here.

Also in development is the first of several books; Money Power Love and Horses is in its final rewrite.